Vibrant Life Poultry Scratch Grains, 40 lb


Vibrant Life Poultry Scratch Grains is an expertly crafted blend of high-quality grains that will keep your adult chickens and turkeys happy and healthy. This high-energy food source for all classes of poultry is a combination of traditional grains like cracked corn, whole milo, and whole wheat. At eight percent protein and four and a half percent fiber, this is a great addition to other supplements and nutrients. Plus, it encourages instinctive pecking and scratching behavior. This 40-pound bag has plenty of food to go around. Give your chickens the healthy goodness they deserve when you feed them Vibrant Life Poultry Scratch Grains!

Vibrant Life shares your passion for animals. You can count on Vibrant Life for a full line of expertly crafted, quality products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Which makes you happy, too. Enjoy the Vibrant Life.


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