Better Homes & Gardens 13.7


The Better Homes & Gardens 13.7 gal (52L) and 3.17 gal (12L) hand motion-activated sensor Kitchen Garbage Cans add a touch of luxury and convenience to any home. These fingerprint- and rust-resistant durable stainless-steel cans feature a spacious lid opening allowing easy waste disposal. The convenient lid motion sensor technology keeps the lid open as needed. Once opened, the lid employs sensors to pick up your presence in front of the bin and keep the lid open until you walk away, triggering the visual countdown timer to re-start before closing the lid. This technology prevents false lid openings. The sleek design allows for a close fit against any wall or cabinet. The motion sensor lids provide over 15,000 opening/closing cycles per new 4 ā€œCā€ battery set when included Use and Care directions are followed. Batteries not included.


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